• Initial Evaluation & Treatment $95

    Every new patient is required to complete an initial evaluation before proceeding with further treatment. Evaluation will include both screening and evaluation of your neuro-musculo-skeletal condition, as well as development of a plan to address your pain.

  • Follow-up Visits $60-80 per session

    Follow up visit prices are based on the length of the plan formulated to address your current condition. I aim to reduce your pain and to improve your functionality as quickly as possible.

  • In-home Treatment Available

    - For people suffering from dizziness, HA, severe LBP, or other issues preventing them from leaving home to receive treatment.
    - Price will vary depending on complexity of issue and location traveled

  • Recovery Visits $50

    - 30 minutes
    - Tailored to reduce soreness after sport or exercise sessions.
    - Includes: stretching, body tempering, cupping, etc.

  • Blood Flow Restriction Session $40

    - 30 minutes with use of FDA approved Delfi Blood Flow Restriction unit.
    - Approx 4 exercises under supervision
    - detailed instruction regarding proper usage and treatment perimeters

Frequently Asked Questions

Each treatment plan will be formulated during the initial evaluation. Depending on the complexity of your condition, more visits may be required. A typical course of treatment will last from 2-6 weeks including 4-8 sessions.

We offer wellness packages to address any physical aches and pains that may come up over the course of your life. The goal of our wellness package is to enable you to live your life without the distraction physical limitations can bring.

  • Initial session: 45-60 min
  • Follow visits: 30-45 min

We do not accept insurance at this time. This allows us to provide you treatment within full scope of physical therapy without the many restrictions created by many health insurances. We can provide you a detailed invoice of services provided if you would like to self submit cost to your insurance.