Extremity Manipulation

Extremity Manipulation

Extremity Manipulation

Extremity manipulation – just like spinal manipulation – is a form of manual therapy that involves HVLA (high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts) to the peripheral body joints. In this technique, chiropractors or physical therapists apply a sudden, yet controlled thrust to a joint in the extremity to produce therapeutic effects. Different manipulations require different amounts of force.

This therapy is shown to relieve pressure, improve joint mobility, and reduce pain. It can be used to treat pulled muscles, soft tissue injuries, joint pains, and other joint-related conditions. The pain and other related symptoms are mitigated when your joints start moving better.

Does It Work?

The success of peripheral or extremity manipulation appears to be divided into two camps. Some people swear by it, believing it is effective and works, while others believe it is harmful and ineffective. Few studies have been conducted on extremity manipulation.

The effects of extremity manipulation on chronic pain lasting four or more weeks have been studied in some studies. Furthermore, some clinical trials have also demonstrated that it is effective for reducing pain and improving the range of motion. However, other studies have shown extremity manipulation may cause certain side effects, but the rates and severity of these are unknown due to poor reporting.

The Benefits Of Extremity Manipulation

There are a number of benefits to visiting your local chiropractor for extremity manipulation. These may include;

Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most obvious benefit. In almost an instant, extreme manipulation can relieve you of the pain you are experiencing in your extremities, such as shoulders, arm, forearm, thighs, and legs. One chiropractic visit has even been reported to be enough to alleviate pain in some patients.

Improve Flexibility

You can also improve your joint flexibility with extreme manipulation. Combined with exercise and spinal manipulation, the therapy can help strengthen your core muscles and improve your arm and leg movements. You’ll feel better while also having a better range of motion.

Prevent Surgery

Have you explored different treatment options to get rid of your pain and only left with surgical intervention? Before going under the knife, you should consider extremity manipulation as an alternative. There are some cases and conditions where the therapy can eliminate your symptoms, so you can avoid surgery.

Reduce Dependence on Drugs

You can also reduce your dependency on over-the-counter and prescription pain medications by using extremity manipulation. You may become hopelessly addicted to these medications over time, as well as harm your internal organs as a result.

With extremity manipulation, your pain symptoms can be reduced, preventing the need to take pain killers in the first place. As soon as you stop taking those pills, you will feel better since you won’t be in pain or in a fog.

Is extremity manipulation safe?

It is considered safe to perform extremity manipulation by a physician or chiropractor who is both trained and licensed to do so. It is important to note that there are risks and potential complications, as with any treatment.

Soft tissue injuries, pull trauma, joint dislocation, and pinched nerves are some of the most rare, yet serious complications.

Some people may not be suitable for extremity manipulation. The extremity manipulation therapy should not be used by patients with severe osteoporosis, fractures, arthritis, and who are at risk for joint instability. The risks of potentially dangerous complications are even greater for these people.